Publishing Credits

“Stories put Worlds in Touch,” Albuquerque Journal, June 5, 1989. “Kathy Claus is a professional storyteller specializing in folk tales from around the world. ‘Even if a story is beautiful, I can’t tell it unless it speaks to my heart.’”

“Say it with Puppets,” Religion Teacher’s Journal, Nov/Dec 1989. Ideas on a puppet ministry run by Linda Wilson to interest religion teachers.

“Adoptions Spice up Cultural Mix,” Albuquerque Journal, September 11, 1989. Article written to raise awareness of the plight of waiting children, for Adoption Week ’89.

“Reading Opens Young Eyes to World of Books,” Albuquerque Journal, January 29, 1990. Ten elementary schools in the Rio Grande Cluster offer a free book to any child who reads 100 minutes in The 100 Club.

“Parenting Class Mixes Teens, Toddlers,” Albuquerque Journal, Feb. 19, 1990. La Cueva High School’s Parenting and Teaching Young Children program offers a special kind of preschool that joins youngsters with high school students.

“Children Learn of Life on Farm: The Loving Farm of ‘the Goat Lady,’” Grit, January 19, 1992. Carmen Sanchez conducts free tours of Sierra Goat Farm in Tijeras, NM.

“Unlocking Young Hearts with Prayer,” Religion Teacher’s Journal, March, 1992.
Mid-schoolers discover two successful ways to pray through spontaneous prayer and prayer of the imagination, in a class taught by Linda Wilson.

Interviews conducted by Linda Wilson with police officers for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Newsletter in 1992, are fictionalized in her column “Teddy Bear Corner;” to tell true stories of children in distress receiving teddy bears. The teddy bears were donated by students participating in the teddy bear project at Normandy Elementary School, in Centerville, Ohio.

“Grandcaring: Bringing Generations Together,” Scholastic Pre-K Today, Nov/Dec 1992. A childcare program that matches the needs of young people in the community with senior residents; initiated by Interages, a private, nonprofit organization located in Montgomery County, Maryland.

“Photographs: Gifts from the Heart,” Dayton Parent, January 1993. Photoscrapbook albums are a creative pastime that can teach family members about their roots and can help create family memories for children.

“Child’s Play,” Dayton Daily News, June 3, 1993. Kids Get Fit program, created by Judi Sheppard Misset, founder of Jazzercize Inc., is a free outreach program into U.S. schools to alert young people to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“A Stick in Nick of Time,” Dayton Daily News, July 7, 1993. A mother and daughter save a young robin by shooing away a crow with a hockey stick.

“All the News that’s Fit to Study,” Dayton Daily News, November, 1994. A sixth grade class at Southdale Elementary in Kettering, Ohio learn social studies by studying the newspaper.

In 1994-5, bio-sketches for Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers, included Stephen King, Gary Larson, and Joan Lowery Nixon.

“Ron Hirschi on Ecology,” Book Links, November, 1995. Ron Hirschi, children’s author and wildlife ecologist, has visited 12 schools annually over 20 years. Hirschi’s books help children see and understand some of the wonders in the world, and are illustrated with full-color photographs by top-notch wildlife photographers.

“More than One Way to Fly,” Hopscotch, Aug/Sept, 1996. Thirteen-year-old Jessica Graves learns to fly with her dad, flight instructor Steve, in his gyroplane.

“Peacemakers at Work,” Pockets, November, 1997. Each year, 100 orphaned children visit the Boston, MA area from Belarus, Ukraine, to stay with families who take care of their material, medical and spiritual needs. The children’s families are victims of a nuclear power plant explosion in nearby Chernobyl.

“Cherished Memories of Parkerville School Days Live on,” Westford Eagle, May, 1998. Westford MA residents created Friends of Parkerville Schoolhouse, renovated the 1880 one-room school, and in that era’s attire, interpret life of yesteryear for students today.

“Friends Remember Perfect Pair,” Westford Eagle, May 28, 1998. The Westford community remembers the extraordinary kindness of this loving couple.

“Learning the Old-Fashioned Way,” Westford Eagle, June 18, 1998. Children dressed up in period clothes, ate turn-of-the-century lunches and wrote math problems in chalk on slate during The Living History program at Parkerville Schoolhouse in Westford, MA.

“Children of Chernobyl,” Grit, October 4, 1998. American families host children with incurable diseases from radiation side effects as a result of the nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl near Belarus, Ukraine.

“Lest we Forget: Residents Document Family History,” Westford Eagle, February 18, 1999. Local residents research their family histories.

“Healing Children of Chernobyl,” St. Anthony Messenger, June, 1999. Stories of orphaned children receiving loving care from Boston area families and the medical staffs who gave their time and expertise for the children’s medical needs.

“We Know a Westford that Nobody will ever Know,” Westford Eagle, May 14, 2000. Charles and June Kennedy are honored for their tireless efforts in preserving the history and memories of Westford, MA residents.

“Spinning Dances and Dreams,” Hopscotch, December, 1995. Sixteen-year-old Cara Copeland writes what life is like living away from home to attend the School of American Ballet in New York City.

“Once Upon a Rock,” Stories for Children Magazine, c. 2010. For ages 3-6, who can look for a story in a rock by looking on the ground for interesting rocks.

“Bugs to the Rescue,” Stories for Children Magazine, c. 2009. For ages 3+, Emma comes up with an idea to lure a family of ducks who have taken up occupancy in her family pool.

“The New Sled,” Stories for Children Magazine, January, 2010. Marissa is afraid to go down a steep hill in her sled.

“Better By Hand,” Lowe Down Magazine, Winter Edition, 2012. Lowe’s Grocery Store produces fresh bakery products in the store’s Tortilleria.

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