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The Hilltop Ghost: an Abi Wunder Mystery

Abi sees her first ghost!

Sirius, the dog star, listener of dreams, granter of wishes, is the only star in eleven-year-old Abi’s life . . . until she meets a black and white border collie also named Star who helps her solve a mystery. Herbert, the owner of the country inn where Abi is staying, dies of a heart attack. His wife, Dee, is left to run things and the inn soon falls in disrepair. Herbert’s greedy brother, Norman, tells Sheriff Smart that Dee is to blame for his brother’s death and should be put in jail. He has arranged for a wrecking crew to demolish the inn to make way for a shopping center he wants to build. With only forty-eight hours left, Herbert’s ghost appears to Abi and asks for her help. Abi and her new friend, Jess, search high and low for answers. Can Abi prove Dee’s innocence and save the inn in time?

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The Ghost of Janey Brown

In 1864 . . .

Help! Fire! Someone come quick! The barn is burning! My pony, Faith, is inside!

I called and called but no one came. No one could hear me over the roar of the inferno. It’s the burners: those Union soldiers. Come with their torches to burn every Quaker barn in Berry County.

Do you not believe slaves should be free? Women were created equal? Do you not want to live in peace and harmony? Have you no mercy?

Uncle James will be furious. But he must understand. I’m just a young girl who loves her horse. I’m going in. No one can stop me.

Today . . .

Every night the ghost of Janey Brown rides bareback on her horse out of the burning barn into the night. Abi’s ability to see into others’ souls, even those of the departed, can’t fail her now. Who is Janey Brown? Where is she bound? Abi has only a week to find out.

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