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Tips for Writers

Step right up and find your writing tips here!

For more tips, check out links to my posts that appear on the 28th of each month on the blog


Agented Authors Share Tips on Finding an Agent



Bullying 101

What it Takes for your Character to Overcome a Bully



Writers: Fine Tune your Characters’ Friendships

Creating your Main Character: Hit a Home Run


Critique Groups

Critique Groups Do’s and Don’t’s

You the Writer; You the Critquer


Editor and Editing

The Value of a Good Editor

Tips on Polishing your Novel

Tips on Revision: Do a Verb and Word Check

One Last Edit: Re-think before Submitting

Writers: First Paragraph Essentials



Two Ways to Format your Manuscript


Highlights Foundation Workshop Notes

Part One: Two Ways to Hook and Keep Your Reader

Part Two: Nouns Need to be Concrete and Appear More than Once

Part Three: Tent Pole Structure

Part Four: Leonard Marcus: Maurice Sendak, Storyteller and Artist

Part Five: Leonard Marcus: Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Part Six: Behind the Scenes with Deborah Heiligman

Part Seven: Deborah Heiligman’s Casual Scream

Part Eight: On the Same Page with Betsy Bird

Part Nine: Patti Lee Gauch’s Concluding Thoughts: Have Your Own Standard of Excellence


Harper Lee

Harper Lee’s Rich Legacy for Writers


Mystery Writing

Unravel the Mystery of Suspense, Part 1

Tips on Writing Suspense Stories for Children, Part 2



Networking: A Writer’s Greatest Gift



Save Time: Try an Outline Sketch



A Story Revision Checklist

Revision: 5 Tips

Revision, Part 1: An Early Fiction Checklist

Revision, Part 2: Editing Fiction after a Long Break

Strengthen your Theme, Revision, Part 3

Theme: The Heart of your Story

Tips on Polishing your Novel



How to Write Vivid Scenes, Part I


Is Series Writing for You? Part 1

Three Tips on Starting a Series, Part 2

Series Writers: Chart the Details, Part 3



Setting: It’s not just Background


Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, SCBWI

A Workshop on School Visits with Caroline Starr Rose

An Evening with Kwame Alexander

An Evening with Publicist Jennifer Abbotts

Author Kimberly Griffiths Little on Deep Point of View

Begin Stories with your Character: A Workshop with Lois Ruby

Building Story from Pitch, by Kit Rosewater

Felany Melanie: Prequel to the Movie Sweet Home Alabama

Spring Cleaning at One SCBWI Chapter

Stay Grounded with Caroline Starr Rose's "Writer's Manifesto"

The Enchantment Show with New Mexico's SCBWI Chapter

Tips from Lisa Cron's Book, Story Genius

Writers: How to Handle a Difficult Critique

Writing Tips from Author Chris Eboch


Tips for Writers

Amazon: A Self-Published Author's Dream

Author Swag: Make it Meaningful

Avoid these Common Mistakes in Creating Characters for your Story

A Book Signing with Author Ransom Riggs

A First Look at Writing Historical Fiction

An Evening with Author/Illustrator Pat Cummings

A Writer's Bucket and Mop List

Can you Call yourself a Writer?

Disarray Leads Writer Astray

Discover Pitch Wars by YA Author Brenda Drake

Diversity, Is Research Enough?

Do not Give Up: Seek Inspiration

Help for Self-Published Authors

Indie Authors: 2 Post-Pandemic Tips

Indie Authors: The Joy of Working with Illustrators

Is Bullet Journaling for You?

Keep a Personal Account of Your Progress

My #2 Pencil

My Purple Notebook: Resource for Story Analysis

Tips on Adding Flashbacks to your Author Kit

You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

You Know You’re a Writer When, Part 2

Know your Audience

Pull your Reader’s Heart Strings

How Body Type can Help Shape your Characters

Sharpen your Skills: Write Articles and Stories

Show in your Stories, but Sometimes its Okay to Tell

Take a Break: Write a Short Story

3 Tips to Help Launch your Writing Career

Tips from Gail Sheehy’s New Memoir

Tips from C.S. Lakin on Cinematic Writing

Tips on Author Interviews

'Tis the Season to Set Goals

Vanity Presses: Authors Beware

Villain or Antagonist: What's the Difference?

When Writing is NOT a Career

Where do Authors Get their Ideas

Writers: Be a Good Communicator

Writers: Fine Tune your Characters' Friendships

Writers: Meet your Alter Ego(s)

Writers: Think Outside the Blank Page

Writing Tips: Acknowledgements Page a Must!

Pin Down your Alter Ego(s)

Three Ways Writing Builds Strength

A Writer’s Bucket and Mop List

Wipe out the “M” Word


Tips on Writing Humor

Fun Author Stories and Quotes to Brighten Up your Day

Tips on Writing Humor

Tips on Writing Humor, Part Two



Presenting: A Title that Sells, Part 1

Presenting: A Title that Sells, Part 2


Writer’s Process

A Writer's Process: Longhand or Keyboard

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