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Linda Wilson Author detective stories  Linda Wilson author children's mystery writer  for kids

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Hello! Welcome! I'm Linda Wilson,

multi-award-winning children's author, teacher, and

mom of two grown daughters.

Check out these fun animal stories: A Packrat's Holiday: Thistletoe's Gift, Tall Boots, and 

Waddles the Duck: Hey, Wait for Me!

Mystery lovers 7-10-years-old will love Linda's

Abi Wunder series.

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Click here to download Thistletoe’s free puppet play!

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1st Place in Children's Fiction,
New Mexico & National Press Women's Association!

A Recommended Book by
Kirkus Review!

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Eleven-year-old Abi becomes stranded at an old country inn that’s rumored to be haunted. Is it true? Did the innkeeper’s ghost really appear to her and ask for her help? With only hours left, Abi and her new friend, Jess, must search for answers. In the process, Abi discovers strengths she didn’t know she possessed, including the ability to see her first ghost!

On this cold winter’s holiday eve, Thistletoe Q. Packrat sat in the parlor, his chin in his paws. The cupboards were bare. Poor Mama. There would be no holiday feast this year. His only chance were the cowboys coming through on a cattle drive and staying the night. Finding scraps and bringing them home would be tricky. Thistletoe had no idea how he could do it. He would just have to try.

Ashley's biggest desire is to win a blue ribbon at the 4-H Horse Show. Up until now she’s had to wear her old, red rubber galoshes. She's hoping to ace her class so she can earn a new pair of shiny, tall, black boots--real riding boots. But to do that she would be facing the biggest challenge of her life.  

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Waddles the duck peeked out of his shell. His brothers and sisters were already following their mama across the grass to their neighbor’s pool.

Last to reach the water, last to find food, last to find safety at the nearby pond, Waddles hurried to catch up. Hey, wait for me!

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“What’s this?” Kaylee stooped to gather up a bunch of dried leaves and fluff lying on the front porch. About to toss it away, she stopped. “Wait, this isn’t trash.”

Madison ran her finger inside a perfectly formed cup. “It’s a bird’s nest.”

“Look, up there,” Kaylee said.

A few strands of grass stuck out from the porch light.

“Those poor birds lost their home. I wish we could help,” Madison said.

 “Maybe we can.”

“But how?”

“We’ll think of a way. Put your thinking cap on,” Kaylee said.

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Late at night when the moon is full and the temperature is just right, the ghost of a young girl rises out of mist that forms over the marsh. No one knows who she is or why she appears, but for years it has been rumored that she roams around the old deserted farmhouse and beyond, searching . . . searching. Abi’s ability to see into others’ souls, even those of the departed, can’t fail her now. Who is this ghost? Where is she bound? Abi has a week to find out. 

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