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Bee's Needs: 7 Ways You Can Help

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson

1. Plant a bee garden

Select flowers that produce sufficient nectar, such as year-round single-flower tops. Some flowers that bees love: daisies, marigolds, pansies, pussy willow, bee balm, lavender, zinnias, mint, sage, black-eyed susans, thyme, and oregano.

2. Build a bee home

At home, at school, or at a community garden, pile up tree branches, bamboo and hollow reeds; leave a sunny spot of soil for nesting; leave bushes and shrubs somewhat unattended.

3. Create a source of fresh, clean water and mud to attract mason bees. Fill a shallow container of water with pebbles or twigs for bees to land on while drinking. Keep in the same spot so bees can find it. Check and freshen every day so the standing water doesn’t attract mosquitoes.

4. Don’t have a garden?

You can create an oasis for bees at a window, or on a porch or rooftop.

5. Invite your friends to a BeeBlitz!

On your mobile device, download the iNaturalist app. Contact the Honeybee Conservancy at Inform the Conservancy of the date, time, location, and the sponsoring organization for your BeeBlitz. Find and photograph bees in your area and share them with scientists from all over the world.

6. Learn how to keep honeybees

Join a local beekeeping association, which can easily be found on Google.

To learn more about helping bees, visit For more about Linda Wilson's books, please visit: and

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