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When I was an Easter Egg

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson

Many children’s authors and authors in general know they wanted to become authors when they were children. You might feel that way yourself. Or you might already know that you want to be a doctor or a veterinarian or an astronaut. That’s great if you do. And even if you change your mind as you get older, that’s okay. It’s good to try out different ideas about what you want to do because eventually you will find the exact right future for yourself.

For me, growing up in the 1950s and ‘60s, I liked to create, but didn’t have a focus. So, I liked to draw, dance, play the piano, sing, write in my diary; and play girl’s soft ball. If you’re like me, I would say that’s fine. It’s good to try lots of things—anything you’re drawn to. The important thing is that you like to create. It doesn’t matter what. You might like to cook, be fashionable, decorate your room—whatever it is you like to do—as long as you’re creating, you will find the focus that’s right for you later when you get older.

My Easter egg story was written for a class assignment. You know the one, where your teacher asks you to write a story. Your teacher might give you guidelines on how to write stories, which is good. This was not the case in my elementary school. Hopefully, you’re learning how to brainstorm for ideas, organize them, make up your characters, think of a title, etc. These are the building blocks of story writing. I will share my tips on how to write a story in another post. But for now, just sit back and enjoy “When I was an Easter Egg,” by Linda Ross (my maiden name), written by an eleven-year-old who had no idea she would grow up to become an author.

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