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Linda's Second Eerie Encounter

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson

My husband, John, and I found our dogs, Sweet Pea and Peanut, at a rescue organization, Almost Home, near Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were living in Alamobordo, in southern New Mexico at the time, about a three-hour drive to Almost Home. We had fallen in love with an online photo of Sweet Pea, filled out a questionnaire to see if we would be suitable owners, and passed the test. I experienced my second “other-wordly” phenomenon when we took the trip to pick up Sweet Pea. My first post, “Linda’s Eerie Encounter,” like this post, is a true story about how the entire Abi Wunder series came to be.

My family has always had just one dog, but before I left the house to pick up Sweet Pea, something—I don’t know what—told me to take twice the amount of money needed to pay for her. It was as if an invisible hand had slipped the extra bills into my pocket. I didn’t realize all those bills were there until I met Peanut.

Upon our arrival at Almost Home, John and I were sitting on the couch petting Sweet Pea, who was nine months old, getting to know her, when Peanut, five months old, came running into the room, jumped on my lap and promptly fell asleep! I reached in my pocket, took out the wad of bills and told the owner, “We’ll take both.”

The rest is history. Sweet Pea had been a stray and Peanut was about to be put down at the Deming, New Mexico dog pound, until some kind-hearted people rescued them and took them to Almost Home. They’ve been terrific company for each other and for John and me ever since!

A third experience that happened to my sister-in-law, Janice, while I was writing Secret in the Stars made the hair on my arms stand up. With her permission, her experience made its way into the book. Can you guess what it is? Alas, watch for Janice’s story in my next post.

These encounters make me wonder if they are happening because I’m writing ghost stories. Or . . . ghosts are somehow directing me to write about them. Only way to find out is to keep writing more!

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