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Questions to Ask your Book Club

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson

Here’s what to do: Ask everyone in your book club to read Secret in the Stars: An Abi Wunder Mystery. Ask these questions. Flip through the book for the answers. Share your answers.

Q: What type of book is Secret in the Stars?

Q: What is the practical joke played in the story? Who is the jokester? Did Abi believe it?

Q: What are some things Abi likes? Dislikes?

Q: Is Abi brave? Why?

Q: What is the mysterious force that drives Abi to action?

Q: What are Abi’s strengths? Weaknesses?

Q: Name as many animals as you can in the story.

Q: How does Abi help others in the story? What does she learn from her adventure?   

A. Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Family Story                                                 

A. Ryan scares Abi into thinking he’s the ghost by parading past the parlor window with a sheet on a broom.

A. Abi loves to draw, she loves her flip-flops, loves animals, loves the outdoors, and adventure. She dislikes  bullies, and getting in trouble when she’s only trying to help the ghost.

A. Yes, Abi searches for answers by going to room 13, going into the cellar; she saves Jess from falling over the edge of the roof, admits to Dee that she and Jess snuck on the roof, stands up to Angel and the sheriff, and at the end, risks her life to save the inn.

A. Herbert appears to her inside the cloud and tries to help her solve the mystery.

A. Abi is fearless, not afraid of getting in trouble to reach her goal, swims to the dock in the lake for the first time; is willing to improve her athletic ability, is not afraid of heights while on the roof. In the beginning, she is unsure of herself and struggles to accept her new baby brother

A. Star, a Border Collie; Bell, a tabby cat; a bat, deer. a mouse, bees, spider webs, two hoot owls, birds in the woods.

A. Even though Abi is missing Art Camp, she decides it’s more important to help Herbert and Dee from losing the inn, and Dee from going to jail. Abi also is a friend to Jess, encourages Ryan, and tries to be friends with Angel. Abi learns that she is willing to accept responsibility, is a leader rather than a follower, is willing to make an effort to get along with others, and that she can solve complex problems.

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