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What is the Secret in "Secret in the Stars?"

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson

In Secret in the Stars, Book 1 in the Abi Wunder series, Abi learns a lot about herself; the most puzzling is that she possesses a special ability to see ghosts. And, she has no idea why. "Only night sounds broke the silence. Abi’s eyes scanned the velvety sky, speckled with stars. She knew that ghosts exist now, and that animals, Star and Bell, and one person—her—possessed a natural ability to know things that can’t be explained. But how? She hoped to find out one day. But right now, the stars winked at her, not giving away any of their secrets." Herbert, the deceased proprietor of the Hilltop Inn, needs help in solving a mystery. Herbert can’t talk being a ghost and all, so he appears to Abi to show her what he needs. It takes her awhile, but just when it looks like Herbert’s mean brother, Norman, is about to get his way, Abi figures out Herbert’s clues. She solves the mystery in the nick of time. Not by herself, but with the help of her friends.

By the end of the book, Abi comes to the realization that only a chosen few can see Herbert. Not Dee, Herbert’s wife; not Pop, Angel, the sheriff, the deputy, or Caleb. Hmm. But the few lucky ones can: Herbert’s Border Collie, Star, Bell the tabby cat, and finally at the very end, Jess and Ryan. Could the lucky ones see Herbert because they helped Abi solve the mystery?

It’s not until Book 2, Secret in the Mist, that Abi discovers that she has an ally. An ally that she’s had all along, she just didn’t know it. And her ally has made it possible for Abi and anyone who helps her solve mysteries that help ghosts, to see ghosts. Who is this ally? To find out, watch for Secret in the Mist to become available in coming months.

In Book 3, Secrets of the Heart, we are onboard for the biggest mystery of all. Abi and her friends can now see ghosts, but not every ghost. Only ghosts who need help. Secrets of the Heart will tear at your heartstrings while at the same time make you happy that ghosts in need are receiving the help they’ve needed, sometimes for a very long time—centuries!

Twitter: @LinWilsonauthor

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