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Try this Easy At-Home Reading Program

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

By Linda Wilson @LinWilsonauthor

My daughter Tracy, puppeteer at two-years-old

As a retired elementary and preschool teacher, I have stayed close to my profession by becoming a children’s author. Recently, I launched a program for parents: “Inspire Creativity in Your Kids,” which is based on my experience as a parent of two daughters, now in their 30s, an educator, an author for over thirty years, a classical pianist, and an exercise enthusiast. Topics include: “Recognize your Child’s Main Interest at age 4,” “Professional Authors’ Techniques to Supplement your Child’s Writing Program,” and “What Piano Lessons Can Teach your Child.”

The best way to help develop creativity in your child, I believe, is to begin with books. Books can offer an excellent foundation not only for your child, but also for you to help foster your child’s intellect and curiosity. For ideas on creating a simple at-home reading program for your child, please visit Inspire Your Kids' Creativity: Here's How.

Go beyond reading books and stories and create puppet plays. For the first in a series of puppeteering tips, please visit: “Puppets & Kids: Partners in Creativity”.

Bimonthly brief (I promise!) posts for ideas to inspire your children, appear at: Be sure and sign up for Linda’s quarterly giveaways. Choose your prize!

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